Moments and Milestones (Bellingwood Book 26)


A spy camera discovered in a room at Sycamore Inn. A dead body in a parking lot. Shoplifting at the General Store. Restoring a grand piano. Friends show up from Boston. An unexpected visit from Bellingwood Police. A family celebration. A parade. Family fights. Big decisions.

What do all these things have in common? They fill Polly Giller’s life the two weeks before Independence Day. No matter how often she insists her life is boring, none of her friends accept that nonsense.

Even though her family is home for the summer, things are far from boring at the Bell House. The boys are busy with summer activities, Rebecca has a job and a car, and Cassidy has found her dearest friend in Agnes Hill. Time spent at Sycamore House with friends both old and new reminds Polly how much she loved being part of the action. She has to find a way back there.

We met Jon and Ray Renaldi in Book 1: All Roads Lead Home when they rescued Polly from Joey Delancy, her former boyfriend. When Joey showed up in Bellingwood in Book 10: The River Rolls On, Jon and Ray arrived on the scene to ensure Polly’s safety. Why are they back now and why do they behave as if they know Agnes Hill?

No, boring will never describe Polly’s life. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

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